Better Web Hosting Using ASP.NET


What is ASP.NET Web Hosting?
What is, ASP.NET web hosting?

ASP.NET web hosting, refers web hosting company, that specialize in supporting ASP.NET based websites. These companies experience with Microsoft technology which is required when dealing with ASP.NET stuff.

Who should use, ASP.NET web hosting?

If you have built your site, using ASP.NET, you would need this kind of web hosting solution.

What is the difference between ASP and ASP.NET web hosting?

ASP.NET is the new technology Microsoft has developed. If you plan moving ASP.NET you would probably need ASP.NET web hosting as well.

I'm using ASP, can I use ASP.NET web hosting?

If you are using ASP, it would be better to go over Asp web hosting page. The rate of ASP and ASP.NET web hosting may vary, and usually ASP.NET web hosting rates are higher.

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